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Automatic Exercise Book Making Machine ((EXCLUSIVE))

Fully automatic excercise book lines from BW Bielomatik are highly sophisticated solutions for the fabrication of wire-stitched exercise books, ruled and unruled preproducts, folded sheets or country specific finished products.

Automatic Exercise Book Making Machine

The fully automatic P 15-90 Excercise Book Line with max. paper reel width of 1130 mm (44 1/2 in. ) is a highly sophisticated solution for the fabrication of wire-stitched exercise books, ruled and unruled preproducts, folded sheets or country specific finished products.

Explore various kinds of wholesale exercise book making machine from Chinese manufacturers on A exercise book making machine is great if you want to start making toilet papers and napkins for sale. Paper machinery options are also ideal for multiple industries, including large hotels, manufacturing plants, and paper processing industries. You can get separate machines for stapling and folding papers, making paper cups, serviettes, and tissue-making machines. Basically, a typical tissue or napkin-making machine encompasses several units, which include embossing, slitting, folding, counting, color printing, and stacking output papers in an orderly manner. Embossing is done using either steel to steel or steel to rubber, with different types of patterns.

Depending on your production scale, you can choose from a small exercise book making machine to a large one. A small machine can weigh around 1,000kgs and use 3kw of power or higher. Production capacity falls within 70 to 80 pcs/min. exercise book making machine options are driven either using the gear or the chain driving system. Most are fully automated and include automatic oil lubrication. They use photoelectric technology to detect machine activities and sound the alarm when it runs out of paper or encounters a problem.

Larger machines weigh around 3,000kgs or higher, depending on the configurations. They have production capacities of about 150m/min, which is around 3 tons per day. Each machine comes with an air compressor pneumatic system. These systems operate using a PLC control panel, which makes them fully automatic.For specific details and prices of each machine, check out Buy a exercise book making machine from Chinese wholesalers and enjoy aftersales services such as machine installation, training, maintenance, and spare parts. has a variety of new and used fully automatic exercise book machine products. Get contact details for suppliers and manufacturers for paper production. Based on your type of industry and budget for paper production, you can select various types of machinery for your specific needs. Buy a cutting machine, paper-making equipment for making cartons, or a disposable cup-making machine from a competitive price.

Finish the printing process in style with a choice from Alibaba's post press equipment store. When you need a new fully automatic exercise book machine, our wholesale catalog gas what's required. You'll find curing and drying machines to round off prints, as well as collators to handle hundreds of pages during automated print runs. Choose binders and folder gluing machines, and have every tool needed to turn texts and images into gorgeous documents. Printing is simple when you source a fully automatic activity book machine and other equipment from the Alibcom store.

Create stunning photo books and attention grabbing magazines with the post press equipment available from Post press equipment refers to the devices we use after graphic or text printing has concluded. At that stage, the production process is far from over. Prints need to be mounted or bound, and integrated into products that are ready for general consumption. If you need a new fully automatic exercise book machine for your printing operation, you've come to the right place. Every post-printing machine is here, letting you create documents and images with a real wow factor.

* year of construction: 1987* web width: 1130 mm* max. reel diameter: 1500 mm* suitable for 5-up production (A5)*** mechanical speed: 500 m/min. - 100 cycles **** configuration: - fully automatic - single unwind - paper tension unit - printing unit: 2x 2 colours with 2 anilox cylinders - cross cutter - collecting unit with stern collecting - Mabeg J890/1200 cover feeder - transport - stitching section - folding section - back pressing - trimming section - separation unit - paper waste conveyor - book turning unit - outfeed table - left angle book outfeed* machine is in very good condition* immediately availableFurther information? Contact us through

* also called \"book turner\"* suitable for various types of Bielomatik exercise book making machines* inspection is possible in our workshop in Tilburg, the Netherlands* immediately availableFurther information about this machine? Contact us

There are at least a dozen methods of binding way on exercise book making, and there are unique pros and cons to each depending on the purpose of the document. Some bindings are more durable than others; some bindings are easy to operate, that means the cost will be much lower; some allow your book to lay flat when opened, and some have a very attractive appearance.

Thermal binding offers stylish, sleek and slim finish. This binding is ideal for stacking, mailing and storage, due to the low cost and the high efficiency on production, it is the main binding way on exercise book.

Saddle sewn binding is a book binding technique achieved by sewing together landscape folded pages with a cover into a portrait book. The stitching itself is done on an industrial sewing machine and lies on the spine of the book.

Saddle sewn binding is a simple, durable and cost effective way to embellish exercise book, because of the nature of the fold or crease, saddle sewn books are only appropriate for thin book of 48pp or less.

Fully Automatic Exercise Book Machine Fully Automatic Exercise Book Machine is to make staple pin type exercise notebook from the paper reel online in just one unit.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION

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