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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Under Grand Hotel Scan Vf

Warning: It can be easy to misuse 99211. Suppose the ophthalmic assistant or technician codes 99211 for taking K-readings and performing the A-scan before cataract surgery. The technician discusses the pre- and postop care with the patient. The physician does not see the patient on this date of service, so the staff member thinks that assigning the lowest E&M code, 99211, is a correct way to bill for the service. The error is that the A-scan and keratometry services are covered under the A-scan code (76519 or 92136) and the rest of the services are part of the global surgery package. Even though the visit takes place more than one day before the surgery, Medicare considers that the determination for surgery has already been made and therefore the preop paperwork and discussion performed by a nonpractitioner is part of the global package. To stress the message, the Correct Coding Initiative bundled CPT code 92136 IOLMaster with CPT code 99211 in April 2003. Then in July 2003, CPT code 76519 A-scan was bundled with the technician code as well.

Under Grand Hotel Scan Vf


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