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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Complete genomes of the HH08 and MK2 strains were determined by using the Iso-Seq method. Briefly, genomic DNA of the target isolate was randomly fragmented into fragments and ligated with sequencing adapter for sequencing library construction. Then a series of PCR amplification, gel purification, and final purification were carried out. Finally, the purified sequencing library was sequenced on an Illumina HiSeq 2000 instrument. Using a paired-end sequencing (100 nucleotides per end), de novo assembly of the entire genome was carried out with SOAPdenovo, which yielded complete genome sequences for the strains HH08 and MK2. The reads were assembled to form genomic contigs using the paired-end reads and were combined by using the program SOAPdenovo. The contigs were further combined into scaffolds. Gap closure was carried out by aligning the paired-end short reads to the scaffolds, and error correction was done by using the paired-end reads. The genome coverage in the HH08 and MK2 strains was 98.6% and 98.9%, respectively. Finally, two complete genome sequences of PRRSVs, which have not been sequenced previously, were determined and were submitted to GenBank with the accession numbers KF717069 and KF879389.

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At day 7 post-infection, mouse spleens were collected and weighed. The spleens were disrupted by grinding with sterilized glass slides in a mortar until homogenates were formed. Then the homogenates were serially diluted with PBS and plated on LB agar. The number of CFU per mouse was calculated.

The culture supernatant of EHEC (NHRC-3) WT or espF was prepared in LB broth. The number of CFU per bacteria was calculated. One milliliter of the supernatant of EHEC WT or espF was inoculated into a 48-well plate (0.5 mL/well). 100% sterile PBS (0.5 mL) was used as the negative control. At 4 h after inoculation, CFU were determined. 1The experiment was repeated three times.

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