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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Download Film Ninja Assassin 2 Full 191 !EXCLUSIVE!

the ninja v features an extra-large touchpanel, with h.264 and uncompressed 10-bit, 12-bit and 14-bit log/raw recording codecs. gamma can be controlled with the touchpanel or in-viewfinder. in addition, all camera settings can be accessed from this panel, providing fast and easy access. through the touch panel, users can also change all settings, including camera control, media, audio, user settings, etc.

Download Film Ninja Assassin 2 Full 191


the ninja v is also compatible with all the hero5 black cameras, which are able to send log/raw/hdr signals over usb-c. the hero5 black cameras are weatherproof to -10c and provide the lowest power consumption of any commercially available cameras.

the ninja v claims to deliver more natural, immersive colour grading. with the power of the ninja v, professionals can easily view both hdri and film footage on the same 4k hdr screen without the need to de-saturate the ir or colour grading levels.

theres not enough time to know about all of the amazing new features in ninja v, but if its the cost factor that is holding you back then we have a special deal for you. now is the time to upgrade to atomos ninja v and take advantage of this offer.

all ninja v monitors are 100% plug and play. they also deliver outstanding low light operation and excellent visibility. the additional ezview 5 (free upgrade) is designed to give a live monitor like experience that can be used as a direct replacement for an hd/sdr unit on location.

maximize your production workflow and get the greatest bang for your buck. with atomicos monitor assist you can magnify your monitor up to x16, and view what is happening in one screen. you can even view 16 cameras at once, making for a huge work area. nano peeks allow you to zoom on and off within the context of the screen.

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