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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Lips Overlay 10 By Tatygagg At TSR

Your babies will look exactly like their parents with their eyes and skin colors.Your sims will grow from a tiny guppy to an adult member of the merpeople. She looks amazing right out of the water!Download22. Supernatural OverlayThese beautiful skin details are not just for mermaids. It can be used in any supernatural game, but it is especially great for underwater sims.The supernatural overlay can be used for sirens and fish-like mermaids. It will not look great on Ariel but amphibian gameplay with this overlay will be amazing.Download21. Mermaid AspirationsAlthough the Sims team strives to make the game as enjoyable as possible, sometimes we just need more. The Mermaid aspirations add three new life goals to your Sims 4, dedicated to different aspects of merfolk lifestyles.You can fulfill your first dream and recreate the most famous Mermaid story. It is, of course, a Little Mermaid.

Lips Overlay 10 by tatygagg at TSR


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