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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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The core software in its entirety will be made available under the terms of a designated software license. These license terms are outlined in the LICENSE file alongside the Xfem module source code. As a MOOSE physics module, the license for the Xfem module is identical to that of the framework - that is, the LGPL version 2.1 license.

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A quasi-3D finite element analysis was conducted to calculate the stresses responsible for matrix cracking in the off-axis plies. Laminate plate theory indicated that the transverse normal stresses were compressive. However, the finite element analysis yielded tensile transverse normal stresses near the free edge. Matrix cracks formed in the off-axis plies near the free edge where in-plane transverse stresses were tensile and had their greatest magnitude. The influence of the matrix crack on interlaminar stresses is also discussed.

Limited License. ASTM grants you a limited, non-transferable license as follows: The right to download an electronic file of this ASTM Document for temporary storage on one computer for purposes of viewing, and/or printing one copy of the ASTM document for individual use. Neither the electronic file nor the single hard copy print may be reproduced in any way. In addition, the electronic file may not be distributed elsewhere over computer networks or otherwise. That is, the electronic file cannot be e mailed, downloaded to disk, copied to another hard drive, or otherwise shared. The single hard copy print may only be distributed to other employees for their internal use within your organization; it may not be copied. This ASTM Document may not otherwise be sold or resold, rented, leased, lent or sub-licensed. The Subscriber will be responsible for all access control and security measures necessary to ensure that the Subscriber's IP addresses are not used to access the journals other than by authorized Users.

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