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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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911biomed Simple Things Go Wrong |VERIFIED|

a child wrongfully stripped from their parents by CPS just so a foster family can adopt them will never be truly happy. how will they feel when they reach 18 and their biological family finds them and tells them the entire story. They will hate the foster family, as they should, and everything they knew will be destroyed.All so foster parents could keep the baby they always wanted, even though no abuse was alleged and no charges were filed, and the older children were raised by the parents. Foster parents who come into the system to adopt should never be allowed to adopt any child they foster.Maybe if they revamped the system so you could nurture the children and get them ready for reunification, but not keep them yourself the children would be better off. Any young child coming up for adoption should be placed with a new family plain and simple.

911biomed Simple Things Go Wrong

I feel my Grandson should be with me but if she did get back on track ( properly ) I will have to have an empty house again and then get on with other things while I still supported her and gave her respite etc but it is not a crime to place a child with blood relatives if they are safe and happy there as no one can describe the pain of having your kin child taken from you when you have done NOTHING wrong and cared for them just as good with a deep love bond dare I say more than any foster parent who is not kin as I am both , it was not to fill a gap in my heart or life but he was already in my heart and life from the day he was born and he has the rest of a large family around him who love him as well

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